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Environmental Awareness Practices by Pro Snow Solutions

Sustainability is a key concern on the hearts of Pro Snow Solution’s management. We have a growing list of ways we are committed to sustainability, energy efficiency and conservation, and carbon footprint reduction strategies that will improve the environment for years ahead. We offer a green, environmental and pet friendly de-icer engineered from a blend of polyols, organic salts and bio additives that encapsulate a non-organic chloride as an option to our environmentally conscious clients.

Pro Snow Solutions Snow Mountain Range

Our Mission to Reduce our Carbon Footprint

Pro Snow Solutions prioritizes the use de-icing liquids that use less environmentally harmful Sodium-Chloride based salt. As our business has grown, we upgrade to larger, more efficient plow-blades that allows more area to be plowed per litre of fuel.


Pro Snow Solutions has also upgraded to more efficient salt spreaders with pre-wetting systems. Our 3 newest salters have 4.5-yard capacities that allow to our 3 trucks to salt the equivalent area of 9 standard 1.5-yard salt trucks. We implement low-waste practises minimizing salt wastage on the job and at our salt yards.


Weather stations and webcams are installed to minimize the need for driving to perform physical site inspections. Our crew members carpool to/from work and operate in teams of 2-6 people to minimize kilometers driven. Service routes are organized in the most fuel-efficient route based on distance.

Supporting Our Community

Community involvement and support are at the core of Pro Snow Solutions. We strongly believe that it is our responsibility to give back to the community that has given so much to us. That's why we are proud to support several local and global charities that are making positive environmental impacts. Pro Snow Solutions pride themselves on helping with change in the Fraser Valley and world. The Social Practice Recycling Foundation works to reduce ocean plastic and poverty in poverty and poor waste management-stricken countries; they currently operate in Haiti, Indonesia, and the Philippines.


We are proud to support these organizations through donations, volunteer work, and awareness raising. We encourage others to learn about the important work these charities are doing and consider supporting them in their efforts to make a positive environmental impact.

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