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City of Mission Snow Removal & Salting

Did you know on average the city of Mission has 7 dedicated snow removal routes? Each of these Mission winter maintenance routes consist of 3 priority separate snow cleaning sections. The Priority 1 snow removal route in Mission focus' on emergency accesses, transit and school bus routes, streets in the business district, and parking lanes. Priority 2 covers Mission's residential, rural and local streets. Lastly the Priority 3 route in Mission covers all other road ways as long as Priority 1 & 2 routes have been completed. 

Industry Leading Snow Removal in Mission

Pro Snow Solutions is used by many Mission businesses, strata, multi-unit residential & commercial properties as their snow clearing provider. Pro Snow Solutions has operated its snow removal service in Mission for over 6 years. Providing our Mission clients with top-notch winter maintenance services, we have kept the city of Mission clear of snow and ice. Join our large growing list of clients for snow removal in Mission this winter.

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The City of Mission's Go-To Snow and Winter Management Company

One of the most crucial aspects of winter in Mission is snow removal. It's dangerous and unpleasant, and it may be expensive for Mission property owners and company owners. Pro Snow Solutions' snowplows, snow clearing, de-icing, and ice management services make it much simpler to remove snow from Mission's sidewalks and streets. When it comes to removing snow from your Mission walkways and lots, Pro Snow Solutions relieves you from the burden. Join our expanding list of Mission snow removal customers and let Pro Snow Solutions take care of this difficulty as quickly as possible so that everyone can enjoy the winter season. Dealing with slick roadways throughout the winter is a significant challenge.


Mission Snow Plowing

Parking Lot Snow Plowing in Mission

Mission Snow Clearing

Machine and Labour Walkway Snow Clearing in Mission



Eliminating Ice with Rock Salt and Liquid-Based De-Icer in Mission


Snow Removal Mission

Residential Snow Clearing Services in Mission


Snow Removal Mission

Commercial Snow Clearing Services in Mission

Benifits - Snow Removal in Mission

Pro Snow Solutions is a wonderful option for many company owners and property managers throughout the winter season in Mission since it lowers client expenses through improved efficiency, savings from fewer seasonal services, and conservative rates. You can rely on having a trustworthy winter service provider in Mission when it comes to your demands because there are service sites all across the city of Mission. This makes it possible for our Mission snow removal customers to have a worry-free winter.

Mission Snow Removal

Snow removal in Mission is very crucial for many reasons. The City of Mission is located across the Fraser River from Abbotsford. Overlooking the valley of the Fraser River. Founded in 1892, Mission, BC was originally inhabited by the Stó:lō First Nations people, and today this rapidly growing and dynamic centre is home to a population of over 41,000 residents (via. City of Mission). This means there are various of lots, walkways, and properties to be have snow cleared each winter for its residents. Extreme winter weather impacts the city of Mission and its community with unsafe road hazards and sidewalks compacted with snow and ice. Mission residents can feel confident that Pro Snow Solutions takes snow clearing seriously. Pro Snow Solutions Ice and Snow Control Plan is designed to keep drive lane areas, walkways, and other public traffic areas accessible and safe during the winter months. This plan uses a prioritization system for snow clearing, as well as a step by step plan for dealing with ice. Also, Pro Snow Solutions has a large supply of snow removal machines, including snow plows, bucket loaders, and salt dispensers. All of these machines are regularly maintained to ensure that it is always ready to go for keeping Mission safe and sound during the winter.

The City of Mission's Snow Removal & Winter Maintenance Specialists

Pro Snow Solutions is here for all your snow plowing, snow clearing, salt-based de-icing, and snow removal needs in Mission. 

Avoid a fall, give us a call!

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