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City of Abbotsford Snow Removal & Salting

Did you know on average the city of Abbotsford has 15 days of snow on the ground? Over the last 10 years in Abbotsford, the month of February has been the most snow-heavy month snowing 19 inches on average per year. Abbotsford totals about 50cm of snow per year. The first snowfall in Abbotsford sometimes shows up as early as October or November. In some years the final snowfall in Abbotsford comes as late as April or May. Abbotsford typically has 53 days a year when the minimum temperature is at 0 °C or below.

The Best Quality Snow Removal in Abbotsford

Over 100+ businesses, strata, co & multi-unit residential properties choose Pro Snow Solutions as their go-to Abbotsford snow removal contractor. With over 6 years of operating & providing snow removal in Abbotsford, Pro Snow Solutions has provided clients with top-notch snow removal keeping the city of Abbotsford clear of snow and ice. Join our fast-growing list of clients for snow removal in Abbotsford this winter.

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The City of Abbotsford's Leading Snow and Ice Management Company

Snow removal is one of the most important parts of winter in Abbotsford. Not only is it hazardous and unpleasant, but it can also be costly for business owners and property managers. The need to remove snow from the streets and sidewalks in Abbotsford is made much easier with the use of Pro Snow Solutions snowplows, snow clearing, de-icing, and ice control services. Pro Snow Solutions takes the stress off your property when it comes to clearing snow in Abbotsford from your walkways and lots. Dealing with slippery streets during winter is a major challenge, join our growing list of snow removal clients in Abbotsford and allow Pro Snow Solutions to handle this challenge as quickly as possible so everyone can enjoy their cold weather season.


Abbotsford Snow Plowing

Parking Lot Snow Plowing in Abbotsford

Abbotsford Snow Clearing

Machine and Labour Walkway Snow Clearing in Abbotsford



Eliminating Ice with Rock Salt and Liquid-Based De-Icer in Abbotsford


Snow Removal Abbotsford

Stress Free Residential Snow Clearing Services in Abbotsford


Snow Removal Abbotsford

Top of the Line Commercial Snow Clearing Services in Abbotsford

Client Benifits - Snow Removal in Abbotsford

Pro Snow Solutions is a wonderful option for many company owners and property managers in Abbotsford throughout the winter season since it lowers client expenses through improved efficiency, savings from decreased seasonal services, and conservative rates. When it comes to your demands, you can rely on having a dependable winter service provider thanks to Pro Snow Solutions extensive Abbotsford service locations. This enables our Abbotsford snow removal customers to enjoy their winter season.

Abbotsford Snow Removal

Snow clearing in Abbotsford is very important for many reasons. Abbotsford is the 5th largest city in British Columbia with a population of roughly 168,773 people as of 2022 meaning there is plenty of parking lots, side walks, and properties to be have snow removed each winter. Extreme winter weather can severely impact the city of Abbotsford community with unsafe road conditions and walkways compacted with snow and ice. Abbotsford residents can rest assured that Pro Snow Solutions takes snow removal seriously. Pro Snow Solutions Snow and Ice Control Plan is designed to keep roads, sidewalks, and other public areas safe and accessible during the winter months. The plan includes a prioritization system for clearing snow, as well as a detailed procedure for dealing with ice. In addition, Pro Snow Solutions has a fleet of snow removal equipment, including plows, loaders, and salt spreaders. All of this equipment is regularly maintained and updated to ensure that it is up to the task of keeping Abbotsford safe and navigable during the winter.

The City of Abbotsford's Snow Removal & Winter Service Specialists

Pro Snow Solutions has you covered for all your snow clearing, snow plowing, salt-based de-icing, and snow control needs in Abbotsford. 

Avoid a fall, give us a call!

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