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Colourful apartment complex covered in snow after a winter storm in Langley


Dealing with snow accumulation on one hand can be a very difficult process. On the other hand, it can be a stress-free operation depending on how well you have prepared for it. The working class and elderly citizens deserve safe access in winter conditions. If professional snow fighters do not adequately deal with ice or snow, slippery conditions may result in vehicle or property damage and even personal injury or death. A mismanaged site may result in the difference between making it to the hospital or home. Snow and ice management is the first line of defense to ensure daily life is uninterrupted. Pro Snow Solutions Ltd. deploys the proper equipment for the job and ensures a safe site is free of slipping hazards. Based out of Abbotsford and Langley, choose Pro Snow Solutions to keep your strata complex safe this winter season.

Empty parking lot in Langley freshly snow plowed and de-iced



Yellow CAT front end loader machine clearing snow for a commercial building parking lot with an arctic sectional plow blade


Each year more than 50,000 crashes and slip-and-falls occur in parking facilities resulting in around 500 deaths and 60,000 injuries, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and National Safety Council. To avoid business closures and to keep employees and customers safe, choose our experienced team of Fraser valley snow removal experts to keep your doors open. Pro Snow Solutions services over 130 locations each year with 0 slip and fall claims. This is achieved by routine site inspections and use of the proper snow removal equipment and snow labourers in the right places at the right time. Trust Pro Snow Solutions for your Fraser valley snow removal needs to receive an unmatched customer experience with a team who truly cares about keeping you safe.

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Black ATV with red plow blade attachment clearing snow off the sidewalk after a winter storm in Langley


Keeps your site safe with expert machine and labour-based walkway snow clearing.

Sidewalk safety is a key component to avoid slip-and-falls this winter. The majority of accidents occur due to poorly maintained walkways. Before the winter storm, Pro Snow Solutions applies a de-icer to slow down snow and ice build-up, and keep your site safe longer. In the Fraser Valley, our Municipalities bylaws require you to maintain a clear sidewalk to reduce the chance of severe bodily harm or death. Keep your customers safe this winter and your business open by choosing Pro Snow Solutions for your sidewalk snow clearing. We provide multiple de-icing options to suit your needs and budget, including pet and environmentally friendly options.

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Our fleet of snow removal equipment is capable of handling all of your snow removal and ice management needs, regardless of size. We have extensive experience in Abbotsford, Langley, and the rest of the Lower Mainland. We have the right equipment for your snow removal requirements, from shoveling walkways, plowing industrial lots, plowing parking lots, and clearing commercial complexes. Pro Snow Solutions also offers snow relocation services. Don’t let large snow piles take up valuable real estate in your parking lot. Allow Pro Snow Solutions to remove troubled snow piles after hours to increase usable lot space and reduce snow pile runoff slipping hazards.

Yellow front-end loader tractor removing snow with a bucket from a residential parking lot during snowfall


Allow cars to move with ease after professional parking-lot snow plowing.

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A ground-level close-up of rock salt de-icer spread on the sidewalk to melt snow and ice after a snowfall


Prevent icy conditions from forming with high quality rock salt/de-icing applications.

Pro snow solutions offer a variety of salt-based de-icing products. We source the highest quality rock salt available in the Fraser Valley for our trucks to ensure superior snow and ice melting performance. Pro Snow Solutions offers eco and pet-friendly options for sidewalk salting applications. Salt not only is a great way to prevent snow and ice build-up but also provides much needed grit and traction in slippery conditions after snow plowing has been completed. In extreme winter scenarios, salt can become ineffective. That’s why Pro Snow Solutions also stocks a salt/sand mixture for added traction in extreme winter conditions.

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Pro Snow Solutions is proud to offer liquid de-icing brine made in-house from our Abbotsford snow removal hub. Brine is a superior pretreatment for snow and ice control compared to salt. Brine helps break the bond from snow and ice to hard surfaces creating a better result after snow plowing. It also is the more environmentally friendly choice compared to salt. Brine reduces the amount of salt required to complete the tasks resulting in less wasted materials, less landscaping damage, and a more concentrated application.

Brine also acts as an excellent rock salt activator. Many of Pro Snow Solutions salt trucks are equipped with a brine pre-wet system that activates the rock salt being spread and gives us an industry-leading advantage with melting times of snow and ice. This again reduces the required amount of salt needed to melt snow and ice quickly compared to dry un-activated salt. Additives sourced from Langley and Maple Ridge are added to Pro Snow Solutions brine mixtures as needed depending on temperature and weather conditions to increase snow and ice melting performance.

Black snow removal truck spraying liquid brine de-icer on a residential asphalt parking lot preventing slippery conditions


Prevent slipping hazards by treating your concrete or asphalt with liquid road brine.

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