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Snow clearing machine in action with a scoop of snow in the bucket clearing the way after a heavy snowstorm




It all starts with pre-winter season preparations. Our team treats every snow removal location uniquely by addressing the needs of that specific site. Site hazards are identified and desired snow piles are located in ideal areas for both drainage and usability. Custom site maps and notes for your property are uploaded onto our mobile app with GPS tracking so our trained snow crews can identify your site’s needs and document snow crews every movement on location. Pro Snow Solutions is a proud member of the ASCA – Accredited Snow Contractors Association and SIMA – Snow & Ice Management Association. Our memberships allow us to stay updated with industry snow removal standards, the latest technology, company standards and reduce company risk.


Pro Snow Solutions conducts extensive equipment allocation meetings before every season. We feel it is essential to deploy the proper equipment to the correct sites to ensure the best snow removal result possible. Each snow removal operator is assigned a manageable list of close-proximity sites months before the first winter storm. This helps eliminate property and equipment damage by allowing personnel to be appropriately orientated with the locations they will be servicing. Each snow removal operator is assigned a manageable amount of snow clearing hours. In case of equipment failure, the Pro Snow Solutions reserve emergency fleet will be able to pick up the slack and ensure an uninterrupted snow clearing experience.


Pro Snow Solutions provides 24/7 weather-based services. Our team constantly monitors winter forecasts and weather stations for snow or icy conditions. Our team of snow and ice fighters gets deployed overnight to ensure a safe site for morning hours. Pro Snow Solutions utilize a custom salt brine mixture, along with the highest quality grade rock salt available to ensure roadways, parking lots, and sidewalks are safe. Our Surrey snow removal and Langley snow removal teams are supplied with salt and equipment in central hubs to help eliminate drive time as our two main salt yards are located in Abbotsford. At the same time, the rest of our Fraser valley snow removal and Abbotsford snow removal teams operate out of the multiple locations in the Abbotsford area. Having multiple Fraser valley snow removal locations allows for faster response times.


Our Fraser valley snow plowing professionals are equipped with meticulously maintained snow-fighting equipment, including 4x4 one and two-ton trucks, a wide variety of skid steers, front-end loaders, dump trailers, quads, side by sides, and snow blowers. Along with an array of attachments for specific snow plowing applications. We believe having the proper equipment and lots of it is the only way to properly prepare for whatever mother nature throws our way in winter scenarios. Pro Snow Solutions maintains a fleet of reserved emergency snow and ice fighting trucks. Each of many Pro Snow Solutions owned trucks are equipped with contractor-grade snow plows. Along with snowplows, each truck is equipped with salt spreaders and/or liquid brine applicators. The advantage of having snow and ice fighting equipment on the same truck is that it allows us to de-ice immediately after a site has been plowed, thus saving valuable travel time compared to having designated salt-only trucks.

Reliable Snow Removal Equipment

With years of experience in the snow removal industry, Pro Snow Solutions is heavily equipped with a large fleet of snow removal equipment and tools to ensure your property is cleared of snow and ice. There is always a reserved fleet of snow clearing equipment to make sure that we’re prepared for any obstacles and to maintain uninterrupted snow removal services. We have equipment ready to go at all times for Surrey, Maple Ridge, Mission, Coquitlam, Aldergrove, Vancouver, Abbotsford and Langley snow removal.

Fast Response Times

The Pro Snow Solutions team is ready 24/7 to service sites when snow removal is required. Our systematic team of dispatchers closely monitor weather conditions and update crew members on which snow event protocol that applies. Our crews are strategically dispatched for Abbotsford, Mission, Vancouver, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam, Aldergrove, Surrey, and Langley snow removal to service your property in a timely fashion. Properly cleared sidewalks and parking lots from snow and ice keep your property and business running efficiently, regardless of the time or winter weather conditions outside.

No-Cost Snow Monitoring and Site Checks

Our dispatchers are constantly monitoring real-time weather stations and webcams to keep an eye on winter storms. Pro Snow Solutions works with a team of Abbotsford and Langley snow removal supervisors to perform no-cost site checks and complimentary touch-ups to problem areas on specific sites. As you may know, we can't always rely on the weather forecasts for snow removal in the Fraser Valley. That’s why our Abbotsford and Langley snow removal supervisors perform physical site visits throughout the Fraser Valley. This way, our dispatchers receive real-time data and photo logs for snow accumulation and site conditions for all snow removal sites (ALL SITES, not just for Abbotsford and Langley snow removal sites). We understand our snow removal clients don’t want to pay for unnecessary services, hence why complimentary salting or snow-pile touch-ups are so crucial to our business. This ensures a safe site all winter long without excessive billing surprises.

Cutting-Edge Snow Removal Technology

Our mobile app data logging uses industry-leading technologies to keep track of each individual service. Both our company's snow removal fleet and hand crews are monitored with GPS tracking and recording, which also provide convenient directions to each site. We digitally store before and after snow removal and de-icing photos, weather conditions, temperatures, as well as custom notes specific to each service. Each crew member has access to a detailed satellite image of each site that highlights the scope of snow removal services to ensure no detail is overlooked. In addition to the app data, site snow removal supervisors perform randomized post-service site inspections to ensure that services were both complete and adequate.

Industry Leading Materials

All of Pro Snow Solutions’ snow removal clients receive the highest-grade rock salt that we are able to get our hands-on. We purchase road salt in quantities that allow us to deliver the savings directly to you. We offer our clients eco-friendly salt options along with our runway-grade ice melter. Snow removal and salt de-icer materials are available to all clients for snow removal in Langely, Vancouver, Surrey, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam, Aldergrove, Mission, and Abbotsford.

Trained Snow Removal Labour Force

Our experienced snow removal crews are constantly maintaining and improving their skills by keeping up with new developments in snow removal innovation and safety. Snow removal training programs are available through SIMA as an option to crew members for increased shift priority. These courses include Injury Prevention for Snow Professionals, Salt Application Oversight and Environmental Responsibility, Sidewalk Management in Snow & Ice, Snow Fighter Safety, and Upfitting Vehicles for Snow Management. Pro Snow Solutions recruits over 150 snow removal workers every season. The bulk of workers live in Abbotsford and Langley. Each worker is required to attend an in-person orientation and work their training shifts with an experienced snow removal crew supervisor.

Flawless Snow Removal Record

Despite servicing over 130+ snow removal locations seasonally, we have continued to keep our client's sites safe and claim-free. Our dispatchers receive real-time alerts as crews complete a site service. The photos and notes provided by crew members are inspected closely for quality control. Supervisors also perform thorough post-service site inspections to ensure that the snow removal services performed were top notch. It is this process that has allowed Pro Snow Solutions to log over 10,500+ services without a single slip-and-fall claim to date. Our goal is to maintain this claim-free status by providing industry-leading services for snow removal in Langley, Abbotsford, Mission, Surrey, Aldergrove, Coquitlam, Vancouver, Maple Ridge, and the entire Fraser Valley.

Offer the Best Snow Removal Rates¹

¹Our prices are as conservative as they come for best-in-class quality snow clearing and winter management services. Pro Snow Solutions also charges for fewer snow removal services than the majority of the local competition. While most snow clearing companies service all sites from weather forecasts alone, we service clients site separately based upon a number of independent factors including forecasts and physical site inspections. If the site is considered safe or mostly safe, we will touch it up with de-icer or salt, note the conditions then continue on free of charge; all parts of our complimentary snow removal service packages.

Snow Removal  Services in the Lower Mainland

Pro Snow Solutions was founded to service snow removal for Langley, Surrey, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, Aldergrove, Abbotsford, Vancouver and Mission strata residents and business owners during the winter months with reliable snow removal services to help them enjoy their winters free of stress. Whether you’re looking for commercial snow removal services or residential snow removal services, Pro Snow Solutions always has you covered. Avoid a fall, give us a call.

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