Winter Is Coming: Farmers Almanac Winter Predictions for the Fraser Valley in 2022-23

Winter is coming on Wednesday December 21st, 2022, and that means it’s time to start thinking about what the weather will be like in the Fraser Valley. Even though the first official on day of winter is not until December 21st it does not mean that below freezing temperatures, snow, and ice build-up will hold off until then.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, there is a good chance that the Fraser Valley and the majority of British Columbia will see around average amounts of snow this winter. In fact, they are predicting that some of the region could see more snow than average. They are calling for below average temperatures none the less which means these conditions will be ideal for hitting the slopes!

Here is what you can expect over the upcoming months heading into Christmas holidays:

  • Late October you can expect rain across much of the province and snow at high elevations in the mountains
  • Early November will be rather cold with a mix of rain until around the 15th
  • Late November we will begin to see stormy skies with heavy snow building up on the mountains
  • Mid to late December is predicted to be colder than normal with snowstorms over the Christmas holidays

Coming into the New Year you can expect to see the cold and snowy weather continue throughout the month, with a few light rain showers. Lastly, the month of February will be expected to have clear skies with fairly cold temperatures.

This is based on their long-range weather predictions which are made using a complex mathematical formula that takes into account things like solar activity, ocean currents, and atmospheric pressure.

While the Farmers Almanac’s predictions are not always accurate, they do have a good track record, so it is worth paying attention to what they are saying about the upcoming winter. If their predictions are correct, it looks like we are in for a long, cold, and snowy winter.

So, if you’re planning on heading to the Fraser Valley this winter, make sure to pack your snow gear. And if you’re not a fan of cold weather, you might want to consider a tropical vacation!

Although no one can truly predict the weather, Pro Snow Solutions will be monitoring the extended forecasts and will be prepared for any possible weather situations this season. With Pro Snow Solutions being a large snow removal and winter maintenance provider in the Fraser Valley you can count on us having our clients free of snow and ice in Abbotsford, Aldergrove, Mission, Maple Ridge, Surrey, and Langley at any time.

You can review the Farmers Almanac predictions for Canada here for more information about the weather conditions this winter.

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