Abbotsford Records its Highest Daily Snowfall in 16 Years

Abbotsford has just witnessed a remarkable weather event – its highest daily snowfall in 16 years! On January 17, the city was blanketed with an impressive 29.2 centimeters of snow, matching records dating back to 1935.

This unexpected snow surge presents challenges but also opportunities for local businesses, especially for us at Pro Snow Solutions. As a leading snow removal company in Abbotsford, we understand the importance of being prepared for such rare occurrences.

The historic snowfall has put our skills and readiness to the test. Our team, equipped with the latest snow removal technology and an in-depth understanding of local weather patterns, was ready to tackle the challenge head-on. We provided swift, efficient, and safe snow removal services to ensure that the daily life in Abbotsford could continue with minimal disruption.

This event not only highlighted the unpredictability of weather but also underscored the necessity of having a reliable snow removal plan in place. At Pro Snow Solutions, we pride ourselves on being a part of the community’s resilience. Our commitment to keeping Abbotsford’s roads, driveways, and walkways clear and safe has never been more critical.

For businesses and residents alike, this extraordinary snowfall serves as a reminder of the importance of being prepared for winter’s surprises. We at Pro Snow Solutions are always ready to offer our expertise and services to ensure that even in the face of unprecedented snowfall, Abbotsford remains accessible and safe.

The top ten recorded snowfall days include (Via The Abbotsford News):

  1. 49.8 cm Jan. 21, 1954
  2. 44.1 cm Nov. 26, 2006
  3. 43.8 cm Dec. 30, 1990
  4. 33.0 cm March 6, 1951
  5. 31.8 cm Nov. 30, 1975
  6. 31.8 cm Dec. 21, 1951
  7. 31.8 cm Dec. 26, 1938
  8. 30.5 cm Jan. 16, 1962
  9. 30.5 cm March 5, 1951
  10. 30.2 cm Dec. 2, 2007

Stay warm, stay safe, and remember, when it comes to battling the blizzard, Pro Snow Solutions has got your back!

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