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Snow Removal Vancouver

As a city celebrated for being the most populous city in British Columbia and the third-largest metropolitan area in Canada, home to the vast Stanley Park that outsizes New York City’s Central Park, and the proud host of the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, Vancouver deserves a snow removal service that understands its unique needs. Trust Pro Snow Solutions as your reliable partner for exceptional snow removal in Vancouver.

In Vancouver, winter’s beauty is a sight to behold with snow-laden streets and frost-kissed trees. However, this wintery scene comes with the challenge of managing the Fraser Valley region’s average of 49.1 cm of snowfall each year, spread across nearly 12 days of snowfall. With temperatures reaching freezing or below for an average of 49 days, and snow lingering for about 14 days, the need for efficient commercial snow removal services in Vancouver becomes evident.

At Pro Snow Solutions, we understand that our commercial snow removal service in Vancouver is not just about clearing snow–it’s about ensuring the continuity of business operations. We don’t just clear snow–we clear the path for the continuance of daily business operations for numerous Vancouver businesses. Our mission is to ensure that Vancouver’s commercial sector doesn’t miss a beat, even in the heart of winter

Our expertise in commercial snow removal services in Vancouver BC goes beyond the mechanics of moving snow. We understand the city’s pulse, its seasonal ebb and flow, and the needs of its commercial sector. We are always ready to respond to the changing winter weather, equipped with the tools, training, and tenacity to keep Vancouver’s businesses moving. We are your reliable partner for commercial snow removal services in Vancouver BC.

Our commercial snow removal services in Vancouver BC cater to the diverse needs of the city. From the active downtown to the peaceful suburban streets, we provide a solution that ensures business in Vancouver continues, no matter what winter brings. Choose Pro Snow Solutions for commercial snow removal services done right in Vancouver.

Types of Projects We Can Take On

We offer comprehensive commercial and strata snow removal services in Vancouver for various property types.

  • Commercial Properties
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Shopping Centers
  • Logistics Facilities
  • Religious Institutions
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Residential Strata Complexes
  • Government Facilities
  • Educational Institutions
  • Community Facilities
  • Financial Institutions
  • Healthcare Institutions

Whether you manage a commercial office, retail store, government facility, or a strata complex, our snow removal services are designed to meet your needs. Our commercial and strata snow removal services in Vancouver BC cover manufacturing plants, commercial complexes, and many more. No matter the size or location of your commercial or strata property in Vancouver, you can rely on Pro Snow Solutions for professional snow removal services.

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Your neighbours depend on our proven results.

Your solution to all Fraser Valley snow removal needs.

Past Snow Removal Projects

Explore our gallery of past snow removal projects, showcasing our reliability in tackling winter’s toughest challenges. Discover why we’re the top choice for snow removal services, trusted by customers across diverse sectors for delivering exceptional results.

Townhomes complex – Kent Street, Vancouver, BC V5P 2S7

Vancouver Townhome Complex Winter Revamp of Pathways: Striking Before-and-After Snow Clearing for a Vibrant Community

Apartment Building – East 10th Street, Vancouver, BC V5N 1X7

Vancouver Apartment’s Winter Evolution: Stunning Before-and-After Snow Removal of the walkways for Safe, Comfortable Urban Living

Townhome Complex – Rebekah Drive, Vancouver, BC V5S 4X4

Vancouver Townhome Driveway Winter Makeover: Eye-Catching Before-and-After Snow Clearance for a Cozy Neighborhood Look

Housing complex – North Nanaimo Street, Vancouver, BC V5L 3G2

Housing Complex in Vancouver: From snow-covered walkways to accessible homes. Quick snow removal enhances safety and community living.

Housing Complex – Vanness Ave, Vancouver, BC V5R 4V3

Vancouver housing complex: Blanket of snow on the walkway to clear paths. Effective snow removal ensures safety and accessibility for residents.

Townhome Complex – Rebekah Drive, Vancouver, BC V5S 4X4

Townhome Complex in Vancouver: From winter blanket walkways to spring-ready. Expert snow removal reveals safe, inviting pathways for residents.

Residential Complex – Seymour Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 3N6

Residential Complex in Vancouver: Snowy driveway to the entrance of the garage to a clear one. Fast, effective snow removal enhances access and livability for all.

Condominiums – Alvin Norad Mews, Vancouver, BC V6B 8P5

Condo Complex in Vancouver: From snow-capped to clear courtyards. Efficient snow removal ensures a seamless, safe living environment.

Commercial Building – West 12h Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K 2N5

Vancouver commercial building: Snow to business as usual. Rapid snow removal of the walkways restores access and keeps commerce flowing smoothly.

Social Housing – Heather street, Vancouver, BC V5Z 3H7

Vancouver social housing: From snow-blocked to warmly accessible. Swift snow removal fosters safe, welcoming communities.”

Housing Complex – Princess Ave, Vancouver, BC V6A 3C6

Vancouver housing complex: From snowy walkways to clear pathways. Efficient snow removal promotes safe, accessible living environments.

Social Housing – St. George Ave, North Vancouver V7L 4T4

Vancouver social housing: From snowbound to accessible. Efficient snow removal creates safe, welcoming environments for residents.

Our Snow Removal. Your Easy Winter.

Winter Made Simple

Imagine snow removal that feels like it’s on ‘autopilot’. We make it happen.

Enjoy an easier winter with our industry-leading snow removal. We’re trusted by hundreds of government, strata, and business locations alike. From commercial giants to compact strata’s, count on us for reliable commercial snow removal. Simplify your winter and protect your property with ease, all at exceptional value.

Precision ice control, commercial-grade safety. Our salt-based de-icing delivers unparalleled surface integrity. Experience the gold standard in safety that your property users depend on.

Professional walkway excellence, one step at a time. Our snow clearing ensures every step is secure. We transform your hazardous walkways into clear, dependable pathways.

Unlock all-area accessibility with commercial-grade excellence. Our snow plowing turns every parking lot and laneway into a haven of clear, easy-to-access space.

Fast-acting precision meets unmatched melting power in liquid spray brine. Elevate surface safety with our proactive, environmentally responsible treatment that’s fast and effective.

Efficient and Timely

Time is money, and we save you both. Get fast, on-schedule snow removal that maximizes your time. Our prompt service ensures your property runs smoothly.

Minimized Liability

Reduce your risk with our diligent monitoring, documenting, and snow removal services. We keep your property safer from winter hazards, lessening your liability.


The visibility you need, when you need It. We offer you real-time digital service logs, before-and-after photos, and 24/7 customer service during snow.

Peace of Mind

Rest easy, you're protected. Our comprehensive insurance and flawless track record provide the ultimate peace of mind. You're in good hands.

Exceptional snow removal in four easy steps.

Winter Safety on 'Autopilot'

Request a quote now, relax all winter.

Step 1

Free Snow Removal Quote

Get a fast and accurate proposal that uses an AI-enhanced assessment process. You get your snow removal quote delivered directly to your email.

Step 2

Easy Customer Onboarding

Simply review, approve, and sign the digital snow removal contract with ease. We do the rest, letting you get back to your day.

Step 3

24/7 Service & Monitoring

Experience top-tier service and weather monitoring around the clock. Relax knowing an elite snow removal team is keeping your site safe all winter long.

Step 4

Fast Billing & Service Pictures

Enjoy fast, semi-monthly billing for easy tracking. Request your detailed digital service records anytime, complete with GPS data and before/after pictures.

We've made your snow removal choice clear and simple.

Beyond Ordinary Snow Removal

Had enough of average snow removal? We use smart tech and refined systems to do the job right. You get top-quality service that puts your needs first. The result? Streamlined snow removal and customer-first service. Our awards and industry partnerships are clear evidence that we lead the pack for snow removal in the Fraser Valley.

Pro Snow
Perfect Liability Record
Pro Snow
Rapid Response Times
Pro Snow
Complete Insurance Protection
Pro Snow
Hassle-Free Cancellation
Pro Snow
Year-Round Specialists in Snow & Ice Management
Pro Snow
Real-Time Service Updates & Weather Alerts
Pro Snow
Fully Equipped & Reserved Fleet
Pro Snow
High Staff-to-Site Ratio
Pro Snow
Leading-Edge Service Technology
Pro Snow
Eco-Friendly & Pet-Safe Solutions
Pro Snow
Convenient Online Customer Portal
Pro Snow
Outstanding 96% Customer Recommendation Rate
Pro Snow

You deserve great service. We guarantee it.

Your Snow Removal Needs. Solved.

We understand that choosing a snow removal service is more than just a seasonal necessity—it’s a search for safety, reliability, and peace of mind. That’s why we back our unparalleled service with four robust guarantees, each designed to put you, our valued customer, first. Our guarantees take the worry out of winter. 


Not happy with our work? We'll make it right.

Quality is our promise. If a problem ever arises, count on us for a quick, straightforward solution that meets our high Service Agreement standards.


No record, no bill. It's that simple.

We document every service using a mobile tracking app. Should there be no proof of service, we will not charge you (this excludes technical disruptions).


If we break it, we fix it.
That's our promise.

While prevention is key, accidents can happen during snow removal. Rest assured, any damage from negligence will be fully repaired, on us.


Not Satisfied? Walk away, no questions asked.

Confident in our services, we offer you freedom. If you're not satisfied, you can easily cancel your contract with short notice. We're certain you won't need to.

Will I be "locked in" to a snow removal contract?
Never. We offer an “easy out” cancelation clause. You may cancel the contract for any reason, with short notice.

Our team is dedicated to snow removal all year long, with a laser focus on safety and reliability. We have an expansive backup fleet of equipment and rigorously stress test our Workforce Planning for harsh winter scenarios. Through careful management of our resources and workload, and by turning down extra contracts, we keep our operations running smoothly. By doing so, we maintain optimal peak operating capacity for reliability you can count on.

We use a multi-tiered approach to ensure exceptional service. It starts with strict recruitment and thorough training. Once the winter weather comes, our Dispatch Team monitor live data and service photos which are uploaded in real-time by our snow removal crews. Regional Supervisors also provide boots-on-the-ground oversight and our Quality Control Team regularly audits service quality. We also take customer feedback seriously and act immediately to rectify any issues.

Transparency is our starting point. The truth is, although infrequent, snow removal equipment can occasionally cause damage. Prevention is therefore our first priority. We create detailed service maps, conduct thorough pre-season site walk-throughs, clearly mark curbs and other obstacles, and maintain a safe distance between our equipment and any objects on your property. Our operators undergo detailed training in safer practices, ensuring our snow plowing methods are exceptionally cautious. With these practices, we’ve managed a stellar record of between 95% to 99% of our service locations remaining completely damage-free, depending on the season. In the rare event damage should occur due to our operator’s negligence, rest assured, we manage all necessary repairs from start to finish.

No. Every cost associated with our snow removal service is clearly outlined in our straightforward contract, so you never have to worry about surprise charges. Our goal is to prioritize safety and customer satisfaction over profits, always.

We provide snow removal services for thirteen cities across the Fraser Valley, from Abbotsford to Vancouver. This includes Abbotsford, Mission, Aldergrove, Langley, Surrey, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Burnaby, New Westminster, Richmond, and Vancouver. If you have multiple snow removal locations across the Fraser Valley, we’ve got you covered.

We implement strict liability and documentation procedures to effectively safeguard both our customers and our operations. Our coverage includes comprehensive $5,000,000 General Liability Insurance and extensive Automobile Fleet Insurance. Every snow removal service we provide is carefully recorded through a mobile tracking app, which captures GPS, photos, and real-time data, all stored securely for your peace of mind. In case of any liability questions or concerns, this detailed documentation can be quickly provided to show that we followed all the correct procedures for your property’s snow removal. Thanks to these thorough processes, we’ve kept a perfect, claim-free record since our company started.

We offer two main types of billing packages for snow removal: Seasonal and Per-Service. For those who opt for our Seasonal packages, we provide additional payment flexibility. For example, Seasonal options allow you to choose between upfront lump sum or easy monthly installments. This ensures you can select a payment method that best suits your snow removal budget and financial planning.

Trust built on quality service and long-term partnerships.

Customer Approved Snow Removal

When it comes to snow removal, don’t just take our word for it. Our reputation is built on results and proven through the words of our customers. Find out how we deliver on our promises, one review at a time.

Western Peak Contracting Icon
Western Peak Contracting
Pro Snow solutions is the best snow removal company around! They do the salting and snow removal for my complex. Always prepared for any weather event. I feel safe knowing Pro Snow looking after my complex in the winter. 10/10 would recommend!
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Posted on
Jessica Skinner Icon
Jessica Skinner
I can't say enough good things about these guys! We ran out of propane because of our treacherous driveway, holiday hours and winter conditions. Within hours, we had a full ton of salt on our driveway and Chad working hard with his plow as well! They also followed up first thing this morning to make sure we were clear for a delivery. Thanks again guys!
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Posted on
Ashley Icon
We have been using Pro Snow since 2018 and I highly recommend them. They have provided amazing service year after year.
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Posted on
Steve Johnstone Icon
Steve Johnstone
Pro Snow Solutions has very good response times to snow fall events and the workers were very thorough during removal of snow. The ice prevention process well thought out and documented as well as thorough and environmentally conscious.
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Posted on
Brandon Wootton Icon
Brandon Wootton
Great service, organized and professional. Great attention to detail.
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Posted on
Christopher Verral Icon
Christopher Verral
Good value and professional service. Kept our lot clear and salted with minimal delay given how bad the snow was this year.
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Posted on
Da Ha Icon
Da Ha
Absolutely efficient and excellent customer service. Friendly people and very hard workers. They provide plow trucks, salt trucks and people on the ground that hand shovel snow, chip ice away and also hand salt. Excellent service guys. Keep up the great and hard work. I'm more that happy with the work they provide. 👍
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Posted on
Colin B Icon
Colin B
Great company. They are organized, efficient and have a big emphasis on customer service and taking care of their employees.
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Posted on

Allied with the best technology in snow removal.

Powered by Yeti Snow Software

Tailored for the snow-first services industry.

Tailor-Made Solution

Yeti delivers software specifically engineered to boost our service speed, precision, and reliability.

Verifiable Quality

See the difference for yourself with Geo-fenced before and after pictures of every site visit.

Enhanced Liability Protection

Yeti intelligently integrates with our operations to offer faster services while capturing details that help minimize liability.

In collaboration with Yeti since 2017, our services are supported by software specifically designed for our needs. By choosing Pro Snow Solutions, you’re leveraging years of innovation and close collaboration with Yeti to deliver industry-leading efficiency, safety, and liability protection in snow removal.

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