The Pro Snow Solutions Team: Supporting Our Community Food Bank

Tuesday August 23rd, 2022 – Community involvement and support are core values shared by the Pro Snow Solutions organization. We strongly believe it is our responsibility to give back to the community that continues to support us year after year.

The Pro Snow Solutions team spent Tuesday morning volunteering and helping the Archway Food Bank at Seven Oaks Alliance Church in Abbotsford.

Pro Snow Solutions team members in photograph from Left to Right: Seth Stenner, Tage Stenner, James Willson, and David Hill.

The team helped move and stack boxes, organize storing areas, and prepare items for safe storage until they will be needed. The room was packed full of boxes filled with toiletries, clothes, and many other necessities that had previously been provided by generous donors. This was an excellent opportunity for the team to give back to the community and help an organization that supports those in need.

Some of the items the Pro Snow Solutions Team had moved into the Sevenoaks Alliance Church basement storage.

Giving back to the community is essential as it helps create a sense of meaning. When people work together for a common goal, it strengthens their bond and fosters a sense of collective unity.

Working together towards a common goal is one of the best ways to build relationships. It gives people a sense of purpose and belonging. When people feel like they are part of something larger than themselves, they are more likely to be motivated to do their best.

Pro Snow Solutions is dedicated to creating a positive impact in our community year after year. We will continue to show support and do our part.

Our goal is to encourage and inspire other members of our community to also give back. In numbers, we can make a real difference and true impact in the lives of many. Our challenge to you; whether it’s using money, time, services, or all three, take the time to bless someone else. From our snow removal team to you – you won’t regret it!

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