Winter 22/23 Recap: Embracing the New Normal or a Snowy Anomaly?

As the winter season joyfully draws to a close, we’re excited to look back on the remarkable achievements and growth opportunities that Pro Snow Solutions encountered this year. Embracing each challenge with enthusiasm and determination, our team demonstrated exceptional resilience and adaptability, enabling us to provide top-notch service to our clients throughout the season. For the second consecutive winter, the cities from Vancouver to Surrey, Langley, and Abbotsford experienced significantly above-average snowfall and below-freezing days, prompting questions about whether this is the new normal or if we might see a return to milder winters in the future.

Vancouver, known for its relatively mild winters, saw a whopping 78.2cm of snow this season, 221% of its normal average of 35.4cm. This increase in snowfall was felt acutely by our clients in the area, who relied on Pro Snow Solutions to help them manage the exceptional accumulation.

Vancouver Airport Snowfall 2022/23 provided by Global BC Sky Tracker Weather.

Vancouver Airport Snowfall 2022/23 provided by Global BC Sky Tracker Weather.

Meanwhile, the Surrey, Langley and Abbotsford regions, which typically see an average of 45.3cm of snow, received 77.7cm this season, marking a significant 172% increase from the average. As with our clients in Vancouver, those in the region turned to Pro Snow Solutions for assistance in navigating the challenges presented by this extraordinary winter.

This back-to-back occurrence of heavy snowfall and increased frequency of freezing temperatures made it necessary for our team at Pro Snow Solutions to adapt our strategies and equipment to meet the increased demand for snow removal services. We’re proud to say that our dedicated staff worked tirelessly to ensure that our clients’ properties remained safe and accessible throughout the winter months.

As we look ahead to the next winter season, it’s important for businesses and property managers in the Fraser Valley to ask themselves whether this pattern of above-average snowfall and colder temperatures is the new normal. If so, it’s crucial to be prepared for the challenges that come with these weather conditions. Pro Snow Solutions is committed to staying at the forefront of industry best practices and technology to ensure that we’re ready to tackle whatever Mother Nature has in store.

On the other hand, if we do experience a milder winter next season, it’s still essential to have a reliable snow removal partner in place. Pro Snow Solutions is dedicated to providing exceptional service, no matter the weather conditions, ensuring our clients’ properties remain safe, accessible, and well-maintained throughout the winter months.

While it’s impossible to predict what next winter will bring, the past two seasons have highlighted the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. Pro Snow Solutions is proud to have been able to rise to the challenge and support our clients through these difficult conditions. As we continue to learn and grow, we remain dedicated to providing exceptional snow removal services to the communities of The Fraser Valley.

When you reflect on this winter season and look ahead to the next, we encourage you to consider whether you believe this above-average snowfall and colder temperatures are the new normal or if a milder winter may be on the horizon. Regardless of your perspective, Pro Snow Solutions will be here to support you, ensuring your property remains safe and accessible all winter long.

Thank you for your continued trust in Pro Snow Solutions. We’re grateful for the opportunity to serve you and look forward to working together through whatever the future holds.

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